Our Services and Capabilities


We provide support to Fortune 2000 companies, startup entities, as well as professionals that improve management practices, company loyalty, employment satisfaction, and overall team effectiveness and inclusion.

HR Planning

We help establish the link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of your organization.

Outplacement Services

We offer a range of outplacement programs to help you move from your current organization into your next role.

Career Coaching

Our executive coaching programs provide one-on-one for professionals to help them reach aspiring career goals.

Capabilities For Companies.

Effieciency Analysis

Conducting an efficiency analysis to identify obsolete tasks and determining what new tasks will be required.

Organizational Change

Identifying the skills needed to comply with a changing organizational blueprint.

Workforce Analysis

Assist in reviewing the skills available in the existing workforce to determine adequacy.

Skill Gap Assessment

Assuming different skills are needed, assist in determining if the skills are available in the open market, and at what cost.

Compensation Structuring

Market-matched compensation and benefits that support talent acquisition and retention.

Compliance & Regulations

Legal employee handbooks that minimize exposure to risk and worker compensation requirements and procedures.

Capabilities For Professionals.

Career Capital Assessment

Assessing your career capital, key skills, experience to exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working

Skill Marketing

Relaying strategies to get on recruiter shortlists and increasing your visibility to employers through your online presence.

Skill Analysis

Determining what additional skills or experiences are necessary to influence decision-makers at the next level;

Job Search Strategy

Develop and conduct an effective search strategy, including both internal and external opportunities.

Recruiting Preparation

Conduct mock interview sessions to practice an effective presentation and provide feedback and additional coaching.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Ensuring entrepreneurship is right for you and practical help in setting up your business.

Strategic HR Planning

As a simple definition, strategic human resource planning serves as a link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of the organization. In actual practice, implementation is more difficult.

Strategic human resource management attracts, develops, rewards and retains personnel with the skills and abilities that support the organization’s business goals. The reality of the current marketplace is that as market demand changes, the organization must continually optimize the use of its human resource assets to ensure the best fit between employees and jobs to avoid manpower shortages or surpluses, and to ensure that the appropriate skills are available to meet changes in the company mission and objectives.

Outplacement Services

Included in our outplacement services is a practical understanding of existing opportunities in the market that match your skill set. Realizing that finding a new position can be stressful and full of uncertainty, we can alleviate some of the anxiety of a search through coaching and counseling with our professional coaching staff. You will be able to put your best foot forward when navigating the competitive job market. Strong Connexion can help you navigate a range of outplacement programs to help you move from your current organization into your next role. Working one-on-one with our highly experienced career coaches, your outplacement coaching program will be tailored around your specific needs,
  • Assessing your career capital, key skills, experience etc.
  • Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working.
  • Making informed decisions about your next career move.
  • Devising a career action plan
  • Creating CV’s, covering letters, to get on the shortlist
  • Increasing your visibility to employers through your on-line presence
  • Recruiter relationships
  • Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking
  • Organizing your job search campaign
  • Salary negotiations
  • Ensuring Entrepreneurship is right for you
  • Practical help in setting up your business
  • Sales, marketing and business development
  • Financial planning
  • Business coaching

Career Coaching

Even when career-minded individuals have a clear idea where they want to end up, that next “dream job” can be elusive if the right steps aren’t taken at the right time. Every year, thousands of people find themselves stuck in less desirable jobs that have no chance of getting them to the place they want. And with thousands more who are out of work due to downsizing and other reasons, without assistance a person could find themselves ‘ice-skating uphill”. Few things in life are more frustrating and stressful than being stuck in a job that is not emotionally satisfying.