About Strong

Connecting The Right Dots.

We are one of the few human resources consulting firms that offering problem-solving strategies via access to grassroots human connections and vendor relationships.

Our Purpose

Strong Connexion serves as support to business executives to save money and time by providing access to a network of experienced business leaders who can support your specialized needs in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

To simplify the human resources process to allow businesses of all sizes to reduce the distractions and the expense of managing human resource and employee relations issues that interfere with advancing in the marketplace.

Community Engagement

Our team is deeply connected with the government, churches and influential entrepreneurs. We are active in our communities and add value to our clients by building support for company initiatives, coalitions, and partnership.

Our Services.

We provide support to Fortune 2000 companies, startup entities, as well as professionals that improve management practices, company loyalty, employment satisfaction, and overall team effectiveness and inclusion.

Human Resource Planning

We help establish the link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of your organization.

Outplacement Services

We offer a range of outplacement programs to help you move from your current organization into your next role.

Career Coaching

Our executive coaching programs provide one-on-one for professionals to help them reach aspiring career goals.